I Love Redheads: Gaiden

It’s time to kick of the new year right, with more redheads! I can’t believe there were a few I missed the first time, but there were quite a few. To atone for that, I will now fawn over them for a couple paragraphs.Debra Messing

I have a friend who dislikes her immensely, but I can’t help but like her. There aren’t a lot of female comedians that do physical/slapstick comedy anymore. Sure she was on a television program I didn’t watch, but if I’m changing channels and she’s on I’ll linger on that channel for a while.

Alyson Hannigan
Holy Jesus, how did I miss her the first time around? She is beautiful and starred in some great shows and movies. I watch the American Pie movies solely because the hot redhead marries the goofy guy. That’s me! Where’s my hot redhead?

Amy Adams
This is one actress that I’ve never seen in a film. Wikipedia tells me she’s been in a few I’ve heard of, but never actually watched. Truth be told, I first saw her on some E! red carpet recap. No matter, she makes the cut.

Isla Fisher
Wedding Crashers is one of my favorite movies, so it’s not surprise that she is one of my favorite redheads. Down side: She’s married to Borat. Up side: Another hope for the goofy guy getting the girl.

Laura Prepon
Just as Alyson Hannigan is the reason I watch American Pie, Laura Prepon is the reason I watch That 70’s Show. Further investigation reveals she has a share in Card Player magazine and enjoys playing poker.  Cards seem to be one thing we have in common, hopefully there are more. Now I just have to move to California and hope to run into her in the supermarket.

That’s it for now. And if you think that I’m strange for liking redheads so much… I hope you’re wrong.

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  1. george McCuller

    Laura Prepon is one of the most beaughtifull women in hollywood today also one of the most beaughtifull redhead/blonds. From her ravishing red hair to her gorgeouse green eyes to her perfect porcelin skin. Don’t worry I’m not a stalker I just think she’s amazingly beaughtifull!!!

  2. hi! i wish you could do something more of redheads! they are very beautiful, or maybe i am just biased, because i am a redhead myself… and i am searching for pictures of “us” to a private novel i am writing. so i would appreciate if you could publish more pictures of redheads. please?

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